helloSIXX Invites You Into the Relationship Matrix with her helloSIXX MIXX

Of Russ’ Losin Control.

HelloSIXX’s brand new helloSIXX MIXX “Losin Control” adds a new twist to the original “Losin Control” by Russ. “It’s a great story told and we felt it would be nice to sort of flip it… Tell the same story but from my own experience.” Artist helloSIXX says.

Losin Control is the first helloSIXX MIXX release, a stunning kick off for the artist. The song “Losin Control” is originally by musician Russ, which offers a unique perspective on relationships.

The HelloSIXX’s “Losin Control” music video showcases a relationship gone array with her significant other (Played by LA based actor Mehmet Edip). The video’s executive producer and stylist is none-other than SIXX herself, along with her manager, STUPEFYE LLC president Robert Lee Kelley-Morgan.

This MIXX is a change from the normal style helloSIXX does, “The almost rap style of singing was fun to do and allowed me to step outside of my norm.” SIXX says, when discussing the Losin’ Control helloSIXX MIXX.

The helloSIXX MIXX will be a great starter point for new fans of of SIXX, while her usual fans will experience a new, cooler vibe from this MIXX.

The original “Losin Control” by Russ is a favorite for many people, fans and casuals, and is a great record. The helloSIXX MIXX version of “Losin Control” tells a different experience visually while expressing deep emotions, SIXX’s feelings, along with telling a story Russ originally composed splendidly through the sultry tone SIXX is becoming known for.

The Losin’ Control video was shot on location in Los Angeles, California’s art district. There are several views of the city’s skyline while showing a stirring SIXX performance in one of the city’s premier artist lofts all behind the scenes on set was handled by David Anthony on video and Jason Cooper on photo.

This SIXX MIXX is a great representation of SIXX’s skills and vocal techniques and is a great piece to listen to, with a deep story, smooth vibe, and great visuals.